• Robertsdale Elementary School

    Parental Involvement Plan

    Title I, Part A – No Child Left Behind Act of 2001


    Robertsdale, Elementary School, with Title I being an integral part of its education plan, encourages parental involvement.  Parents are considered vital to the strategic planning process and to its successful implementation.  Robertsdale Elementary School realizes that the parent is the child’s first and most important teacher and that a parent’s continued involvement is essential for the success of the child. 

    Robertsdale Elementary School’s Parent Involvement Plan was developed to assure an active partnership between the school and parent.  The plan will be reviewed each year at the Federal Programs Advisory Meeting.  A parent will represent each of the Baldwin County Public Schools on the Federal Programs Advisory Council.  Members of the advisory council will be encouraged to provide suggestions and methods for improving the plan.


    Parents Involved in the Planning Process

                      Parents are invited each year to review the system Title I plan and are encouraged to make recommendations and address concerns regarding the plan.  Parents are also included in the planning process at the local schools when developing each schoolwide plan.  All schools receiving Title I funds conduct a survey each year to determine the needs of the parents.  Parent workshops are based upon the results of the survey.  These workshops are intended to improve student achievement.  Parents are provided methods and materials to help their children with the learning process at home.

                      The Baldwin County Public School System reserves one percent of its Title I allocation for parental involvement.   In addition, funds are used from each school’s budget to provide meaningful workshops for parents.  Funds are also used to inform parents through school newsletters and event calendars.

                      Robertsdale Elementary School has developed a Parental Involvement plan that follows the guidelines and meets the requirements of ESSA Section 1116.  This plan outlines how the school system will collaborate with parents to meet the guidelines of 1116 and make every effort to give parents an opportunity to participate in their children’s education.  Listed below are some of the parental involvement goals:

    • Increase the number of parents participating in their children’s education
    • Involve parents in the decision making process for the school system
    • Inform parents of the progress of their children
    • Involve parents in assessing their children’s performance


    The chart below outlines the goals of implementing parental involvement.




    Person Responsible

    Desired Outcome

    Increase number of parents participating in their children’s education

    Parent Handbook

    Monthly Cub Report

    Rapid Notification

    Teacher Newsletters & Class Calendars

    Digital Sign

    Social Media-School websites,

    Class Websites; Remind app

    Administrators, Office Personnel, Faculty, Staff

    Parental Participation at school events will be increased.

    Involve parents in the decision making process

    Quarterly Parent Advisory Committee Meetings; aCip team; School committees such as Fall Festival, PTO, etc.

    Administrators, Teachers

    Parents, Staff

    Parents will be partners in making decisions about student learning and school functions.

    Inform parents of student progress

    Parent Conferences

    Report Cards

    Progress Reports

    Teacher Letters to Parents

    Phone Calls


    Text messages


    Administrators, Teachers

    Parents will be informed of student progress in a variety of ways.

    Involve parents in assessing their children

    Online Access to Renaissance and Compass

    Scantron Reports

    Teacher Reports of Assessment

    Special Education Meetings

    Response to Instruction

    Administrators, Teachers

    Parents will be informed of  student assessment and involved in decisions on remediation, intervention and next steps in student learning.

    The entire Robertsdale Elementary School Parental Involvement Plan is posted on the school website and in hard copy format in the front office of the school.