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Dr. Woodburn's 4-Part Plan

  •      Your child's academic success is of paramount importance to the Baldwin County Public School System! Over the past four years, under Mr. Eddie Tyler's leadership as superintendent, backed by an unprecedented commitment from our Baldwin County Board of Education, we have implemented a four-part academic success plan, which is a holistic academic initiative that is designed to help students, teachers, and administrators be the very best they can be. The four parts to the plan involve improvements in student literacy, helping teachers become more diversified in their instructional techniques, making academic decisions based on real-time data, and assisting administrators with monitoring student achievement within their schools. Each part of the plan is essential and supports the other parts. Implementation of the plan has helped the district become increasingly academically successful, as evidenced by improvement in state- mandated test scores. The Baldwin County Public School's Four-Part Plan allows all district personnel to be on the same page, to support each other on the journey toward academic improvement, and to focus on what is the most important, the educational success of all students.
    Dr. Joyce Woodburn
    Dean of Academics
    A brief look at Baldwin County Public Schools Four-Part Academic Success Plan:
    1. Guided Reading

    Supported by Scholastic
    Emphasis on student choice in reading
    We have trained 300+ K-6 teachers in Guided Reading
    We first implemented a Guided Reading pilot in three middle schools and five high schools
    in 2018-2019, all 46 schools implemented Guided Reading

    2. eMINTS

    eMINTS is a teaching initiative
    Emphasis on using different methods of teaching
    Emphasis on building community in classroom
    Two-year training period
    2018-2019 (and beyond): We offer teachers stipends for attendance at night trainings
    2018-2019 (and beyond): We pay for substitutes for teacher day training
    2018-2019 (and beyond): We tie eMINTS to National Board certification (district pays $2000 in application fee)

    3. Curriculum Leaders

    We hired curriculum leaders in all middle and high schools
    We continue to use instructional coaches and reading coaches in all elementary schools
    What is the job of a curriculum leader?

    • Monitor student achievement in the entire school
    • Work hand-in-hand with the principal to improve student academic achievement
    • Co-plan, co-teach, mentor teachers
    • Conduct data meetings with teachers, usually by grade span or core content area 

Our School's Academic Expectations

  • At Robertsdale Elementary School, we want students to want to be at school, see the value they bring to the school, and to make the most of their time while they are with us. We also know the importance of the parent/school partnership and expect parents to do their part in this relationship so that we are all working for the betterment of all children.

    Robertsdale Elementary continues to follow the directive of Dr. Woodburn and the curriculum team, in regard to instruction. With that, our teachers have embraced Guided Reading for small group instruction and will be implementing a new program for whole group reading this school year. Like Guided Reading, this curriculum is also through Scholastic. We also have a full intervention block for every grade level that affords teachers the opportunity to meet students at their individual level on a daily basis.

Guided Reading Program

  • Almost all of our teachers have been trained in Guided Reading or are going through cadre training for Guided Reading. For those who have not been trained, our instructional coach is there to support and assists those teachers. Last year, our school hosted several site visits for other schools across the US, as well as Scholastic to come see our classrooms at Robertsdale Elementary. We even had folks from the State Department of Education come to visit our classrooms and the job our teachers are doing with our students! Our teachers and students were showcased during all visits, as well as our Guided Reading bookroom. We are so proud of the work our teachers and students are doing!

    Literacy Pro is available for all of our students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Its purpose is to help foster reading motivation, stamina, and independent reading growth for all students.


  • Currently, we have several of our teachers trained in eMINTS amongst our faculty and staff.   EMINTS is a training program that consists of 200 hours of high quality, research based professional development. It centers around a 4-part instructional model that includes high quality lesson design, authentic learning, community of learners, and powered by technology. If you would like to learn more about eMINTS, feel free to check out the following website


  • Students will take the STAR assessment three times a year: fall, winter, and spring. The students in 2nd grade to 6th grade will take the ACAP assessment in the spring. The testing windows are below. Dates will be refined closer to testing times.

    • ACAP Testing Window (State Testing) – March 18 – April 26, 2024