Peer Helpers 21-22 at Peer Helper Jubilee
  • Daphne East Elementary Peer Helper Program


    Peer Helpers are fifth and sixth grade students who are trained to recognize when their peers may have a problem, listen to fellow students confidentially and assist them with emotional, social, or academic struggles. Some of the duties of a peer helper may include helping at car line, leading fundraisers and school-wide campaigns, and assisting our students with special needs.


    The Peer Helper Program at Daphne East Elementary is funded and supported by the Jennifer Claire Moore Foundation ( The motto of the peer helper program is to “Be the good…show the way…lend a hand.” 

    Peer Helper Applications are being accepted from now until, Friday, April 28th for current 4th & 5th graders for the 23-24 school year!

    Students should list one other teacher besides their current teacher as a recommendation (from the past 2 school years) on their application and the Peer Helper Committee will obtain them. If a student is new to our school this year, they may choose an enrichment/PE teacher for their second recommendation.

    All questions must be answered for the application to be considered. Give as much detail as possible!

    Please make sure your address in Powerschool is correct. Selection letters will be mailed home after the last day of school