Vision & Mission

  • Daphne East Elementary School’s Counseling Program Vision Statement

    Students are successful socially, and academically. They are civic-minded, collaborative, and culturally aware. They are college and career-ready and are reaching their full potential in all areas of their lives.


    Daphne East Elementary School’s Counseling Program Mission Statement

    The mission of the Daphne East Elementary School counseling program is to provide a motivating, safe, and trusting environment that empowers every student to become successful socially, academically, and emotionally.  Our school counselors advocate for equity, access, and student success through leadership and collaboration with all stakeholders. Every student is prepared to be productive citizens who are civic-minded, culturally aware, and college and career-ready to reach their full academic and personal potential. Our counseling program is data-driven by student needs and provides outcome-based accountability measures that align the school counseling program with the school’s overall academic mission.