• Daphne East Elementary

    • Street Address: 26651 County Road 13 , Daphne, AL 36526
    • Phone: 251.626.1663
    • Fax: 251-625-2616
    • Feeder Pattern: Daphne High School

    Morning Car Drop-Off Procedures:

    • All students being dropped off must go through car line and may be dropped off at 7:15 a.m.
    • Enter the car line from the Wells Road entrance to Trione Park.
    • Follow the road to the designated drop off area located on the south side of the campus.
    • Students may not be dropped off at the front entrance.
    • The first vehicle is to pull to the farthest spot in line.
    • Students are encouraged to exit from the right side of the vehicle, walk down the sidewalk, into the gym.
    • Exit the drop off area.
    • Morning car-rider drop-off line ends at 7:55 am.
    • Students are considered tardy to school after 7:55 am.

    Parents/guardians bringing in tardy students must park vehicles in designated parking spaces, escort their children to the front office, and sign in for a tardy pass.

    Afternoon Car Pick-Up Procedures:

    Students being picked up by a car must go through car line. Afternoon Car Line is on the cafeteria side of the school.

    • Vehicles picking up students must display DPEE Car Rider signs and the names of students being picked up.
    • Car line students are dismissed at 2:50.