South Baldwin Junior Chamber Ambassadors

  • Sponsor: Lesli Fason
    Junior Ambassadors is a 10-month program that helps high school juniors recognize their own leadership potential while discovering their community. The program inspires youth to become active citizens engaged in sharing their ideas and energy to help develop solutions to issues facing our community. Students strive to:
    South Baldwin Junior Ambassadors
    ● Broaden their understanding of local and state government;
    ● Learn the value of handling personal finances;
    ● Explore existing businesses to better understand their services and economic impact on our community;
    ● Perform real-life problem-solving and develop personal skills; 
    ● Become better stewards of community resources and the environment;
    ● Learn the value of voluntary community service through hands-on experiences.
    Junior Ambassadors gain leadership, team-building, and communication skills during day retreats. They are exposed to government and economic development in meetings with local officials and on a day trip to the state capital. Field trips expose the students to local industry and community resources. 
    Junior Ambassadors also learn how community agencies impact the quality of life for our citizens by responding to the economic, cultural, health, and social needs of the community, and they learn the value of community involvement by contributing their own time to service projects throughout the year. Meals, transportation, and other costs of the program are mostly covered by generous donors and through the sponsorships of South Baldwin Chamber of Commerce member businesses; however, students may be asked to provide their own funds for certain activities or food.