• Key Club
    Faculty Sponsors:  Sarah Horine,  Marjorie LoVette


    Key Club is a club here at school that is sponsored by Foley’s Kiwanis Club.  We are an organization that believes in service to our home, school and community.  We help the Kiwanis Club with the Foley Christmas Parade.  We help the Foley Public Library with their Halloween Extravaganza.  We also are in charge of the Powder Puff Football game in which we make money to help Foley Teens have presents for Christmas.  The pics I sent are the snacks we took up for children in Foley that do not have a lot to eat in their homes.  We do many things to help the people around us.  That is what Key Club is all about.




    Key Club

    A student led Service Club that was established in 1925.  The club works with the local Kiwanis Club in Foley, AL by providing group and individual opportunities for the volunteer spirit in our student on and off campus.

    Our Key Club holds regular meetings each month with student officers leading the club throughout the year.

    There is a membership fee that is required. 


    Our Mission Statement

    Key Club is an international, student-led organization that provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

    Core Values

    Leadership » Leadership is grounded in humility and service to others. A true leader listens, recognizes, and empowers.

    Character building » Character is built by everyday acts of kindness, integrity and teamwork to grow stronger relationships and communities.

    Caring » Compassion for others is a cornerstone of the Key Club experience, inspiring action and service to one’s community.

    Inclusiveness » We welcome people of all backgrounds and ethnicities to join in serving and making a positive difference in our world.


    Cleaning Football Concessions Stand

    Working with Kiwanis for their Tour de Foley Bike Race

    Cancer Survivor Dinner Servers

    Handmade Valentines for the Elderly

    Money Drive for funding Tetanus shots in third world countries through UNICEF

    Cleaning school desks during flu season

    Working the Kiwanis Christmas Parade in Foley

    ALSO – ANY Club Member may participate in their own private volunteer activities for volunteer hours to be submitted to the club.




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