Spring 2022 Senior Countdown

    ● April 11th - May 6th - Senior Handprint Sales

         -  Purchase them in Mr. Lane’s room (Room 801)

    ● Senior Final Exams

         -May 2nd – May 6th: more specific information will be given at a later date

         -Monday, May 2: normal day of school; permission slips for exam week due today

          -Tuesday, May 3: 7th and 8th exams; seniors will report by 1:15; cop-op students do not report today

          - Wednesday, May 4: 5th and 6th exams; seniors will report by 11:00

          -Thursday, May 5: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd exams; seniors report to homeroom like normal

          - Friday, May 6: Make-up exam day/Cap and Gown Pick-up day/Handle your business day

    ● May 6th - Cap/gown pick-up and group picture/Handle Your Business Day

        - Seniors will enter the school via the back hall and report straight to the gym to receive their caps/gowns and remain in the gym for the class picture and our 2022 Senior Parade

        - Once done, seniors will load buses for the elementary school walkthroughs.

        - Only those seniors who are clear of all fees will pick up their cap/gown

        - If you painted a parking spot, it needs to be covered by this date

    ● Friday, May 13th - Baccalaureate Practice

        - First United Methodist Church, Foley; 10:00 AM; You MUST participate in practice in order to participate in Baccalaureate

    ● Friday, May 13th - Senior Awards Night

        - Foley Civic Center; 6:00 P.M.

        - Please give your scholarships to Mrs. Ivey even if you are not accepting them

    ● Sunday, May 15th - Baccalaureate Service

        - FUMC 7:00 P.M; seniors participating need to arrive by 6:45 P.M. No students will be seated once the program begins.

        - Mandatory Dress: Sunday dress (dress shirts/pants/socks, dress shoes (brown, black, navy); dresses, graduation gown)

    ● Monday, May 16th - MANDATORY graduation practice

        - Ivan Jones Stadium at 8:30 AM; dress comfortably; wear sunscreen; bring water

    ● Monday, May 16th - GRADUATION!!

        - 7:00 PM at Ivan Jones Stadium; seniors need to arrive by 6:15 PM

        - Mandatory Dress: same as Baccalaureate and includes cap/tassel


     Who to See for What

    Fees Owed: Mrs. Gartman

    Chromebooks: Mr. McCollugh

    Yearbook/Pictures: Mrs. Styron

    Graduation Qualifications/Transcripts: Mrs. O’Toole

    Everything Else: Mrs. K.

    Teachers will be Given the Following Information

    Please turn in the name of any senior making an F for the term to Mrs. O’Toole when you turn in your grade sheets. Do not put an “I” or an “N” for a grade unless you have discussed it with Mr. Moore. Please make sure all seniors who owe fees have been turned into Mrs. Gartman prior to May 6th. We will hold their diploma until they are cleared.

    Attention Seniors

    If there are any conflicts with an activity, you are to get permission from Mr. Moore prior to the activity to be excused, otherwise your absence will be unexcused and the given consequences will be followed. However, you are being given plenty of time to make arrangements to make all of the activities from your exams to graduation night. Plan ahead now!

    YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PICK UP YOUR CAP AND GOWN NOR PARTICIPATE IN GRADUATION ACTIVITIES if you owe fees for books, computers, computer chargers, athletic attire, fines, etc... Please make sure your record is clear ASAP. See Mrs. Gartman if you have any questions regarding monies owed.

    Dress Code

    You have been given a dress code for Baccalaureate and graduation. Anyone not dressed properly will not be allowed to participate. Please don’t test this policy. It would be a shame for your family to attend, and you are not able to participate. If you have any questions about clothing, please see Mrs. K. prior to the event. Graduation is a formal occasion. Many of you have worked very hard for this night and you will remember it for the rest of your lives. Show pride in your school, your classmates, and yourself by behaving appropriately.



    Please ask all family to remain in the stands until the graduation ceremony is over. Also, please ask them to keep their cheering to a minimum as it usually drowns out the name of the next graduate. Also, please let your parents know that they will not be allowed on the field after graduation. All pictures can be taken off the field and/or outside the stadium. In the case of rain ..... Nope, we don’t speak that into existence! If issues arise that cause us to change graduation plans, you will be notified at practice.

    Make the most of the time you have left :) If you have any questions or concerns, please come see me ASAP! Mrs. K. (Room 920)