Handbook: Child Nutrition Program (Cafeteria)

    • Our cafeteria serves breakfast each morning, beginning at 7:10 and concluding at 7:40. Our cafeteria serves lunch each day beginning at 10:50 a.m. and concludes at 1:05 p.m.

    Breakfast Prices:    K-6 $2.00   Reduced $.30   Extra Milk  $.50

    Lunch Prices:         K-6 $3.00   Reduced $.40     Extra Milk  $.50        

    • Lunches brought from home should not contain carbonated beverages or candy as part of a child’s lunch. Beverages in cans and glass bottles are not allowed.
    • Food from restaurants and fast food chains should not be provided or delivered to students for lunch.
    • Free and reduced lunch applications should be completed for those who would otherwise qualify. Applications will be available beginning July 1 and should be completed online.
    • Lunch visitors – Each part of our school day is an opportunity for students to learn. This includes lunch and snack times.  Our teachers use this time to model and set expectations for communicating with peers and displaying proper behavior and etiquette.  Daily visitors during lunch may interfere with this instruction and well as prevent students from engaging in social practice with peers.  This is why visitors for lunch will be limited to birthdays and special events only.