Handbook: Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

  • Arrival Procedures

    • Upon arriving in the morning, students report directly to their classrooms and sit in the hallway closest to their classrooms.  A teacher will be on duty in each hallway to supervise children beginning at 7:10 a.m.
    • Students should not arrive on campus before 7:10 a.m., as supervision is not available before that time. 
    • Students who arrive to school in cars should be dropped off at the point where all cars in car-line come to a complete stop along the sidewalk parallel to the main school building and walk independently to their designated areas.  School personnel will be available throughout the school to assist children to ensure they arrive at the appropriate destinations. 
    • Walkers (Stonebridge Neighborhood ONLY)  Students that are walking will cross Bedrock Blvd. at the intersection of Bedrock Blvd. and Ibis Blvd. at the crosswalk.  This is the ONLY place they should be crossing Bedrock Blvd. Students will then cross over the bus entrance and follow the sidewalk to the bus entrance door of the school on the northeast corner.  Students will follow the directions of the crossing guard and the teachers on duty. 
    • Students who arrive after our bell at 7:45 need to be dropped off at the front entrance.
    • Parents who leave their automobiles to walk students to the front door must sign-in.  This is discouraged unless an emergency exists.  As circumstances arrive that require assistance from an adult, school administrators should be notified to make special arrangements.  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.


    Dismissal Procedures

    • When school is dismissed, bus riders are to report to their appropriate buses.  After-school Care students meet in the cafeteria.  Car riders are to report to car line and wait quietly, following safe loading procedures. All car riders will be loaded from the car line; no student may cross the car line to load a parked car. Students may not walk around the school unsupervised once dismissal procedures begin.  Students may not go to restrooms, water fountains, or other classrooms.  Failure to follow this procedure will result in disciplinary referral to the school office.  Upon leaving classrooms, students should walk in a single-file line in the hallway until reaching their designated area. These rules are provided to ensure the safety for children.  Due to capacity limitations, students may not ride a bus other than the one assigned.  Riding home with friends on the bus (including exiting the bus at a location other than a child’s designated bus stop) is not permitted.
    • Walkers will be dismissed at 3:00 and will be walked to Bedrock Blvd. by the teacher on duty. Students will be dismissing through the bus entrance door of the school on the northeast corner at 3:00.  The ONLY place they should be crossing Bedrock Blvd. is at the intersection of Ibis Blvd.   Parents that choose to walk with students will meet outside across the parking lot by the fire hydrant.  ** Students that choose to be walkers may be car riders but may not ride the bus.  Our bus routes are based on students that are bus riders only.   
    • Please make every effort to follow a consistent afternoon routine with your children. 
    • In the event of a transportation change, all changes must be in writing.  Phone calls regarding transportation changes will not be accepted.


    Early Dismissals

    • Early dismissals are discouraged unless emergencies exist.  Early dismissals are very disruptive to instruction along with creating a chaotic situation with mass check-outs.  Please make every attempt to plan around early dismissals. 
    • Students may be picked up or checked out only by those individuals listed on the registration form at the time of registration.  If additions or deletions need to be made to the list, the custodial parent(s) must make those changes in person in the school office.  For your child’s safety and security, no exceptions will be made to this policy.
    • A photo ID is required when checking a student out of school.


    Traffic Pattern

      • Beginning at 7:10 a.m., cars will enter the first entrance on the west side of Stonebridge Elementary.  Cars will circle around the parking lot and drive forward as far as possible, stopping directly behind the car ahead of them.  Children will exit the cars from the passenger side of the vehicle (along the curbside) and enter into the school using the northwest door that enters into the orange hallway.  Cars will then exit carline onto Bedrock Blvd.
      • Every family will be issued a car-rider number/sign.  It is important that car-rider signs are those that are issued by the school.  This will be the pick-up designee’s identification.  Anyone without a school issued car-rider sign will be asked to park and provide identification verification.  Pick-up designees must be among those named as having permission to check a child out from school.
      • The east entrance is for buses only during arrival and dismissal times. 

    Arrival & Dismissal Map