Handbook: Birthdays


    State nutritional and health regulations stipulate no outside food may be brought to school.   This means cupcakes, cookies, candy, and other food items may not be brought in for children’s birthdays.  We understand that children’s birthdays are very special.  We have developed two birthday options that you may choose from to celebrate your child's birthday.  These options were developed so your child's birthday can still be a special time at school!

    Ice Cream Birthday

    If you would like to provide your child’s class with a special snack on the date of your child’s birthday, you may purchase a special ice cream snack for the class from our snack bar at $1.00 per student.  (Ice cream meets state nutritional guidelines.). If you are interested, please come into the office to complete your order and pay for the special class ice cream snack at least one week in advance so that we can be sure to have enough ice cream in stock. Money will not be accepted in the classroom for this birthday snack offer, but through the office or on myschoolbucks.com.

     Marquee Birthday 

    Your child can have the standard “Happy Birthday (your child’s name)” message scrolling on our Stonebridge road sign along Bedrock Blvd!  The announcement will run the week of your child’s birthday, so it’s CRITICAL you purchase this the week prior to your child’s birthday!  This rate is $10.00 and also available through the office or myschoolbucks.com. Money will not be accepted in the classroom for this birthday offer, but through the office or myschoolbucks.com.