First Name Last Name Subject Email
Sean Adams NJROTC Instructor sdadams@bcbe.org
Charles Aguilar NJROTC caguilar@bcbe.org
Kinsey Allen Guidance Counselor knallen@bcbe.org
Dawn Ashley Paraprofessional dashley@bcbe.org
Claudia Bankester Guitar/Piano cbankester@bcbe.org
Cristopher Bell Physical Education ctbell@bcbe.org
Alicia Benton Family and Consumer Sciences abenton@bcbe.org
Aubree Bishop English Language Arts aebishop@bcbe.org
Dakota Bodree Access Teacher jbodree@bcbe.org
Jordyn Brandt Science jbrandt@bcbe.org
Shantell Buck Paraprofessional sbuck@bcbe.org
David Buehler Social Studies dbuehler@bcbe.org
Ashley Burton Math Teacher amanningburton@bcbe.org
Lacey Bussie Science lbussie@bcbe.org
Tresa Carey Social Studies tcarey@bcbe.org
Karen Carnley Reading kcarnley@bcbe.org
William Carnley Social Studies wcanrley@bcbe.org
Rochelle Coburn Custodian rcoburn@bcbe.org
Dustin Coleman Math ddcoleman@bcbe.org
Fedelia Crews Paraprofessional flcrews@bcbe.org
Marissa Davis English Language Arts mkdavis@bcbe.org
Marshall Davis Physical Education modavis@bcbe.org
Meagan Davis Counselor mdavis@bcbe.org
Ollie Deering Math odeering@bcbe.org
Sheri Denk Custodial Staff sdenk@bcbe.org