First Name Last Name Subject Email
Bryant Baggett Art lbaggett@bcbe.org
Claudia Bankester Guitar/Piano cbankester@bcbe.org
V.M. Barnett Head Custodian vmbarnett@bcbe.org
Melanie Baswell Math mbaswell@bcbe.org
Shirley Bell 9th Grade Counselor sbell@bcbe.org
Alicia Benton Family and Consumer Sciences abenton@bcbe.org
Peter Bezeredi Science pbezeredi@bcbe.org
Dakota Bodree Physical Education jbodree@bcbe.org
David Buehler Social Studies dbuehler@bcbe.org
Lacey Bussie Science lbussie@bcbe.org
Dena Caldwell 10th Grade Counselor dcaldwell@bcbe.org
Tresa Carey Social Studies tcarey@bcbe.org
Cynthia Carmer Math ccarmer@bcbe.org
Renee Carter Executive Secretary rgcarter@bcbe.org
Amber Clukey Science aclukey@bcbe.org
Dustin Coleman Math ddcoleman@bcbe.org
Wallace Crawford Math wecrawford@bcbe.org
Todd Cross Special Education jcross@bcbe.org
Terry Daigle English tdaigle@bcbe.org
Catherine Danner Media Center Specialist cdanner@bcbe.org
Marshall Davis Physical Education modavis@bcbe.org
Kim Derrick Special Education kderrick@bcbe.org
Brittany Faison Social Studies btfaison@bcbe.org
James Fortune Science jafortune@bcbe.org
JR Fulkerson Social Studies jfulkerson@bcbe.org