• Program Description

    The Architecture and Construction Cluster provides students with basic knowledge and skills within a safe and appropriate setting for student exploration and achievement.  The active, stimulating environment simulates the workplace setting and enhances students' ability to adapt to an ever-changing job market.  Students work together to build a community of learners as their ideas become a source of learning.  Students in this cluster affiliate with SkillsUSA as the co-curricular Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO).  SkillsUSA provides additional opportunities that enhance classroom instruction, develop leadership skills, and further career development.  Free Dual Enrollment offered through CACC for students who qualify.

    Course offerings include:
    • Architecture/Construction/Manufacturing
    • NCCER Carpentry I
    • NCCER Carpentry II
    • NCCER Building Construction I
    • CNC Wood Technology I
    • CNC Wood Technology II

    Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Wood Technology I and II are one-credit courses that provide advanced instruction for CNC wood technology manufacturing processes and job opportunities for students who are pursuing careers in wood technology manufacturing.  Topics include:  introduction to CNC safety, mathematics concepts, computer proficiency, programming CNC software, manufacturing of parts, and creating a two-dimensional design.

     National Center for Construction and Education Research (NCCER) provides a credentialing tool and a Level I certificate with 70% accuracy.
    Other Career Readiness Credentials include:
    • NCCER Carpentry Level I
    • NCCER Carpentry Level I+
    • NCCER Construction Technology
    • NCCER Building Construction Level I


    NBCT Instructor: Mr. Scott Larson