• Frequently Asked Questions


    1. What are the library media center hours?

    The media center is open from 7:30 until 3:15


    2. When may students visit the library?

    Students may visit the library before school and directly after school. They may visit during class with a pass from their teacher. The library is also open during lunch.


    3. Is there an online catalog for books and eBooks?

    OPAC is available on the home page of the library media center’s webpage and may be accessed at home and at school. Students are able to search for books that are located in the library and also online.


    4. How many books may be checked out?

    Three books per student is the maximum.


    5. When are books due?

    Students may have books for two weeks. The due date will be stamped in the front of the book.


    7. What happens if books are not returned?

    Library overdue notices are periodically given to students with overdue books. If the book is not returned by the end of the school year, students are responsible for paying for the book.


     8.  Can you print or make copies in the library media center?

    Students may print in b/w for $.10 per page and in color for $.25 per page. Copies are available in b/w for $.10 per page


    9. Do you sell school supplies?

     Yes a list of supplies is available in the library media center.


    10.  May students eat and drink in the library media center?

    Due to COVID and also that print books and computers are used in the library, students are not permitted to eat and drink in the library.


    11. Does the library have a 3-D printer and do students have access?

    Information about the 3-D printer can be found in a link to the left.