• School Events
    Fairhope Middle School has various events throughout the school year including:
    Schedule Pick Up
    Schedule Pick Up for Preregistered Students before School Begins in August
    Open House
    Open House for Parents in September
    New Student Breakfast  
    New Student Breakfast in September Sponsored By the Peer Helper Program
     Pep Rally
     Sports Pep Rallies
    Bowling Field Trips  
     Bowling and Skating Field Trips
    Students of the Semester  
     Students of the Month Recognition During Lunch Waves
     Red Ribbon Week  
    Red Ribbon Week in October
    Veteran's Day Assembly
    Veteran's Day Assembly in November
    NJHS Toy Drive  
    NJHS Toy Drive
    Christmas Game Day  
     Christmas Game Day for Peer Tutors and Students Sponsored by Peer Helpers
     Band Winter Concert
    Band Winter Concert  
     Pumpkin Patch dance
    Pumpkin Patch Dance and Other School Dances 
    Choose Kindness Week  
     Choose Kindness Week in February Sponsored by the Peer Helper Program
    8th Grade Parent Meeting  
     8th Grade Parent Information Meeting About High School Registration in February
    FMS Talent Show  
     FMS Talent Show in March
    Top 10
    Miss Pirate Princess Pageant in March
     National Junior Honor Society Induction Ceremony in March
      New Orleans Class Trip
    New Orleans Class Trip in April for 8th Grade
    6th Grade Transition Assembly
    6th Grade (FIS and J. Larry Newton) Transition Assembly and Tour in April
     Field Day
     FIELD DAY in April
    Girls Beach Field Trip  
     Girl's Beach Field Trip in April
     NJHS Banquet
    NJHS Banquet in May
    Yearbook Signing
     Annual Yearbook Signing in May
     Awards Program
    8th Grade Awards Program for Parents and Students is Held the
    Last Week of School