Fairhope Middle School         
    Teacher Planning Periods 2020/2021      
     Period 1  Period 2  Period 3   Period 4  Period 5       Period 6
     8:28-9:27  9:30-10:30  10:33-11:32   12:00-12:59  1:02-2:02  2:03-3:05
     Thornton Williams Flowers Kinggard TBD Lathan
     Stover Cassagne Perry Kinard Steigerwald Norris
     Boyer Knepton Early Anderson Cushman Smith
     Earnest Lanicek Cogle E. Lee Collins Haywood
     Peacock Bishop Hatcher Jones   Parmer
      Lightsey Hill Hardman/Smith   Outlaw
        Costa Johnson   Salley
        Blosser Yang   Eberlein
        Keith Dunn     Hardman
        Caldwell     Bulman


    Parent Conferences  

    Contacting Teachers

    Although parents are welcome to call teachers at school at 251-928-2573, it may be difficult to reach them because they are busy teaching. Because of this, we encourage parents to use email whenever possible. Teachers can arrange mutually convenient parent conferences when requested, either before/after school, or during their planning period. Parents should discuss concerns about grades with the classroom teacher before contacting an Administrator.