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                       Ms. Laura Thomas, Library Media Specialist                                 

    Media Center Procedures and Policies with COVID-19 Updates 

    Checking Out Books

    Until further notice, students will no longer be able to come and go throughout the day to check out books as they have in the past. To reduce the spread of germs, we are no longer allowing students to browse our library bookshelves by hand.

    Instead, we are implementing the use of our online library card catalog known as OPAC.

    Students will visit the OPAC website, browse the FMS library selection online, identify books of interest, then email book details to me, Ms. Thomas. 

    I will then pull those books, check them out to the student, and place them on the top of the bookshelf closest to the library entrance labelled with the student name. Students can come by when it is convenient for them and retrieve their selection without touching anything else in the library.

    Students are allowed to check out two books at a time. Books are checked out for two weeks. No late fees will be assessed this year, however, please be considerate of others and return your book or check it out again within the 2-week timeframe. 

    In short, to check out books:

    Click HERE to open OPAC.

    Email the following to

    1. Title
    2. Author
    3. Call Number
    4. Lunch Number 

    Please wait 24 hours before visiting the library to retrieve your book.

    You can also navigate to OPAC by opening the FMS website homepage, scrolling down, and clicking on the following icon which will be located on the right side of your screen. 

    Returning Books

    There will be a bin next to the library entrance where students will drop off their books when they are ready to return them. These books will remain in isolation for 24-72 hours before they are placed back on the library shelves.

    Lost or damaged books will incur a fee equal to the price of replacement. 

    Library Printer 

    You must have permission to use the library printer. 

    Black & White copies are .10 cents and color copies are .25 cents.

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