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    Welcome New Students to Fairhope Middle School!
    Welcome new students to Fairhope Middle School! Have you signed up for a club yet? How about sports or band? Getting involved at school is the best way to meet other students and make friends. 
    New Student Breakfast
    New Student Breakfast
    At Fairhope Middle School, we have high academic standards. Yes, you will be expected to study for weekly tests and do your homework, especially math, which you will have every day! We are a Chromebook school where technology rules! However, your Chromebook is a learning tool, so use it that way!

    Helpful Tips

    Tips for Student Success in Middle School
    Get involved! 
    • Show up- be here and be on time! 
    • Be prepared. Do your classwork and homework. Write down your assignments in a planner or online calendar.
    • Get some academic help if you need it. Sign up for free after-school tutoring or peer tutoring.
    • Be kind to others. To make a friend you have to be a friend. Take charge and say "hello." 
    • Find a "go to" adult at school who you can talk to like your homeroom teacher who is your school advocate. 
    • Set some goals and make a plan for your middle school year.
    What's Cool at Fairhope Middle School?

    *Skating and bowling field trips- a good time to meet and make new friends

    *There's a break time every day to hang out with friends

    *On Fridays you may get to sit anywhere in the cafeteria if approved that day

    *School dances

    *Fun sports pep rallies

    *Pirate Princess Pageant

    *Band and other performances

    *Student recognition- Student of the Quarter/Semester Program

    *Peer Helper Program sponsored events like "Choose Kindness Week"

    *Field Day! 

    What's to do in Fairhope for Middle Schoolers?
    *Getting ice cream from Mr. Gene's Beans in downtown Fairhope

    *Doing your homework on your Chromebook at the Coffee Loft

    *Looking around at Page and Palette, the downtown bookstore

    *Hanging out at the skateboard park

    *Catching a movie at the Rave or Premiere

    *Hot Wheels skating in Daphne and bowling/laser tag at the Eastern Shore Mall

    *Summer swimming at the Fairhope Rec Center

    *Frisbee golf for you or the dog park for your dog at Volanta City Park (stadium)

    *Fishing off the Fairhope pier

    *Joining a city league sport

    *Get moving- walk or ride a bike along the bay or downtown

    *Participate in the public library teen events

     Family Fun

    Family Fun 

    *Art Walk- First Friday of the Month- downtown Fairhope

    *Baldwin Pops music on the bluff- summer months

    *Downtown Farmer's Market by the library- summer months

    *Lighting of the Trees Ceremony at Christmas

    *Christmas parade

    *New Year's Eve Family Event- Downtown Fairhope

    *Mardi Gras parades

    *Annual Arts and Crafts Show in the spring and Arts Festival in the fall

    *July 4th fireworks off the Fairhope Pier

    *Fairhope Museum and Arts Center

    *FEEF Phantasy of the Arts (for parents!)

    For more information about what Fairhope has to offer and a calendar of events, please visit the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce at:


     Parent Pointers

    Tips for Parents of New Students

    1. Check your student's grades at least weekly in PowerSchool. Ask your student about any 0's that you may see, and remind your student that he/she has 3 days to make up work after an absence. 

    2. Help your student manage homework time. Don't do it for him or her- but check to see that it is done. Have your student show you his/her Chromebook assignments for the week which are posted in Google Classroom.

    3. Monitor the usage of your student's Chromebook at home. If your student is not devoting enough time to homework or studying but instead is wasting time on his/her Chromebook by playing games, internet surfing, or social networking, take charge and have him/her use the Chromebook only in your direct presence. Store the Chromebook nightly in your room away from your student. 

    4. Encourage your student to get involved at school and get to know his/her friends. Who does your child hang out with? Talk to your student about his/her friends.  

    5. If your student is having an academic problem or you have a concern, contact his/her teachers first before an Administrator.  

    6. Click here for the Baldwin County Resource Guide for information about services you or your family may need.   

    7. Become a member of the Fairhope Public Library and encourage your student to read for fun in the summer.

    Also, the Fairhope Public Library offers PC access for adults, so if you ever have internet access problems, you can go to the library for access. Click on this link for information: 



    Contacting Teachers 

    Although parents are welcome to call teachers at school at 251-928-2573, it may be difficult to reach them because they are busy teaching. Because of this, we encourage parents to use email whenever possible. Teachers can arrange mutually convenient parent conferences when requested, either before/after school, or during their planning period.  

    School Counselors

      Counselors Corner      

    Coming to a new school can be hard sometimes, emotionally, socially and academically. The School Counselors want to help. Talking things through and problem solving a situation can make a difference in how comfortable a student feels in a new school. Students can come by during break, homeroom, or sign in to see them on a sheet located on their doors. The School Counselors will then call for the students during their P.E. time or an elective. Remember too that they are immediately available to meet with any student in a crisis. Parents are also welcome to contact the School Counselors to request that they meet with their students about academic, behavior, or emotional/social concerns. Please see the website directory for the email addresses of the School Counselors.