• One of the tools we use to help guide instruction is the Scantron Performance Series Assessment.  This is a tool that the Baldwin County Board of Education requires schools to use to progress monitor student learning. Students take these assessments online and the results help all our teachers monitor student progress in math, reading, and 7th grade science. Scores from the assessment fall in 4 categories:

    • Quartile 1- Below Average
    • Quartile 2- Low Average
    • Quartile 3- High Average
    • Quartile 4- Above Average

    Click the link below to view the quartile indicator chart. 

    Quartile Placement Indicator Chart

    Our students will take the Performance Series three times this year. 

    • Fall-September 9th-September 27th
    • Winter-January 7th-28th
    • Spring-March 9th-May 21st

    Our students will take the ACAP Summative assessment once.

    • Spring-March 30th-May 1st 
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