• Fairhope Middle School’s

    Response to Instruction Team



    RTI is a framework for ensuring that student’s academic, social-emotional, and behavioral needs are met. Rigorous implementation of RTI includes a combination of high quality instruction, assessment, and evidence-based intervention. Comprehensive RTI implementation will contribute to more meaningful identification of learning and behavioral problems, improve instructional quality and provide all students with the best opportunities to succeed in school. Every school has students with academic and/or behavior skill deficits. These deficits will range from minor to severe and in order to meet the needs of these students, schools need interventions that can address their skill deficits. Students receiving interventions are progress monitored in order to determine if the interventions are effective.   

    Fairhope Middle School’s RTI (PST) Team Members 

    Bethany Johnston, 8th Grade Assistant Principal

    Tonya Harrelson, 7th Grade Assistant Principal

    Laura Thomas, Media Specialist, RTI Chairperson

    Kathryn Doyle, 8th Grade Counselor

    Margaret Gambino, 7th Grade Counselor

    James Kacmarzyk- Curriculum Coach

    All English and Math Teachers with Assigned RTI Students             

    RTI Team Meetings:
    Meetings are usually held on the last Monday of the month except August, December, and May.