SRO Bunky Bishop
    SRO Bunky Bishop

    Officer Bishop has received the following specialized certifications and trainings to aid him with his role as our School Resource Officer:

    • Police officer certification from Southwest Alabama Police Academy
    • FBI certified SWAT officer
    • ALERRT (Alabama Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training) certified
    • Participated in several multi-agency active shooter and disaster drill trainings
    • Member of NAASRO (National Association of School Resource Officers) and TAASRO (The Alabama Association of School Resource Officers)
    • Certified School Resource Officer through NAASRO
    • Advanced SRO Certification through NAASRO
    • NAASRO SRO Supervisor Certification
    • TAASRO yearly convention for continuing education and training
    • Advanced training in Juvenile Mental Health Crisis
    • Extensive background in the Juvenile Justice System of Baldwin County
    Officer Bishop conducts the D.A.R.E. program for FMS 7th grade students via their Social Studies classes each year. D.A.R.E. is a community-oriented police program which involves delivering a series of classes to students in public schools. It allows law enforcement officers to partner with school staff to work toward keeping young people from using illegal drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. It also has components which address bullying and violence prevention. The Keepin' It Real Curriculum is a multicultural, school-based substance-use prevention program for students from 5th grade to 8th grade. Keepin' it REAL uses a 10-lesson curriculum taught by trained officers in 45-minute sessions over 10 weeks.
    The curriculum is designed to help students assess the risks associated with substance abuse, enhance decision-making and resistance strategies, improve anti-drug normative beliefs and attitudes, and reduce substance use. The narrative and performance-based curriculum draws from communication competence theory and a culturally grounded resiliency model to incorporate traditional ethnic values and practices that protect against substance use. The curriculum places special emphasis on resistance strategies, represented in the acronym REAL: Refuse offers to use substances, Explain why you do not want to use substances, Avoid situations in which substances are used, and Leave situations in which substances are used.
    FMS SRO Bunky Bishop
    SRO Bishop
    DARE Students
    SRO Bishop presents DARE Program to 7th grade students.
    Officer Bishop
    SRO Bishop Participates in the "Cupcake Wars" sponsored by Mrs. Smith's Family and Consumer Sciences classes.