• Student Fans



    We encourage our FMS students to attend all of our games and CHEER. Sporting events are after-school events and are extensions of the school program. Behavior should be in accordance with all policies.

    • It is recommended that parents accompany students who come to the school campus for athletic events.
    • Inappropriate behavior = dismissal from the game and a call home for pick up.
    • Students are expected to watch the game and cheer. They are not to:
      • Wander around outside.  Once inside, they stay inside unless they are being picked up.
      • They are not to use any other doors except the main entrance.
      • Bring other balls and play outside or inside the gym. They are here to watch the game.  
      • Students who are not here to support the team and watch will be asked to call home and be picked up.
    • Students who want to attend these events MUST leave campus and come back at the appropriate time.
    • Parents need to make sure to pick up their children no later than the designated time.
      • Students must be picked up within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the games.
      • IF NOT, students will forfeit their right to attend future school-sponsored events.
        • Students not picked up within 15 minutes = name on the "May Not Attend List"
        • Coaches and employees have been at school a LONG time and would like to go home!
    • Students on the non-privileged list may not attend these events.

    REMEMBER:  Student fans are to attend to support the team!

    • Parents with intermediate, elementary, or small children: please keep your children with you.
      • They cannot play under the bleachers or out in the foyer.
      • This is a safety issue.
    • No student/child should go out on the court during breaks or halftime.