• Fairhope Middle School's

    National Junior Honor Society


    Sponsors: Mrs. Melody Early, Mrs. Jamie Jones, and Mrs. Maggie Scott Cogle

    “The National Junior Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding middle-level students. More than just an honor roll, NJHS serves to honor those students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship and character. These characteristics have been associated with membership in the organization since its beginning in 1929.

    Today, it is estimated that more than one million students participate in official Honor Society activities. NHS and NJHS chapters are found in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, many U.S. territories, and Canada. Chapter membership not only recognizes students for their accomplishments, but challenges them to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service.” (Excerpt from http://www.njhs.us/)

    At Fairhope Middle School, the application process for the National Junior Honor Society begins in January with the induction ceremony scheduled in March. The annual banquet for members only is held in May of each year. The FMS NJHS is active in sponsoring events such as the Annual WKRG Toy Drive, Leukemia Foundation fund-raiser, needy family at Christmas, open house tours, and pizza break during testing. Fairhope Middle's NJHS also purchases items for the school that benefit all students. In the past, NJHS has purchased the mats located outside the front doors of the school, annual subscriptions to Brain Pop, and planted trees on the school campus in memory of Fairhope Middle School students.

    NJHS Requirements

    Seventh grade applications are mailed home with the 1st semester report card. Eighth grade applications may be picked up in the school office. Applications should be turned in to Mrs. Cogle, Mrs. Jones, or Mrs. Early. Students must adhere to the return due date. Applications are not accepted after the return due date.

    To be eligible for admission, a student must:

    1.  be in seventh or eighth grade

    2.  have been enrolled at Fairhope Middle School at least one full semester

    3.  have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.75 in core subjects (math,

         science, language, and history)

    4.  be approved for membership based on teacher recommendations.

    The FMS National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) does not weigh advanced classes for the GPA requirement of 3.75. For example, a "B" in an advanced class is worth 3 points, as in any other class at FMS.

    How to Calculate Cumulative GPA Based on a 4.0 Scale for NJHS:

    Step One:  Take the semester averages in core subjects (English, Math, Science, History) for 1st and 2nd semesters of 7th grade and 1st semester of 8th grade.

    Step Two:  Assign each numerical average a point value (A=4 pts, B=3 pts, C=2 pts, D=1 pt, F=0 pts).

    Step Three:  Add the points together.

    Step Four:  Divide the total number of points by the number of averages.  (Divide by 8 for 7th grade and divide by 12 for 8th grade)

    Students must have a cumulative 3.75 GPA to meet the academic requirements for NJHS. The behavior requirements are based upon the student’s character, leadership, service, and citizenship qualities.

    NJHS 2017  
    Congratulations to the Students Inducted
    into Fairhope Middle School's
    National Junior Honor Society 2022! 
    NJHS 2022

    NJHS NEW MEMBERS 2021-2022


    Jasmine Allen

    Carter Barnett

    Bella Chancery

    Adalynn Copeland

    Claire Corbeil

    Emma Delamore

    Aiden Faircloth

    Finlay Gambino

    Eric Ing

    Cameron Jones

    Shelton Ledlow

    Devyn McCann

    Matthew Peterson

    Emeryn Quint

    Ella Shedd


    Brady Allen

    Kelsey Allen

    Sophia Astorga

    Natalie Babb

    Cooper Bell

    Paige Benson

    William Bogdanovich

    Addison Busby

    Makayla Campbell

    Delaney Cepeda

    Jaelynn Chestang

    Sara Congleton

    Margaret Conyers

    Ainsley Cook

    Samuel Cummings

    Carson Cunningham

    Jensen Crouse

    Emily Davis

    Emma Davis

    Lexie Davis

    Kannon Deason

    Gibson DelaFosse

    Anna Claire Dendy

    Audrey Dorgan

    Epsie Dorman

    Charles Driver

    Mallory Earp

    Caroline Everhart

    Dessa Fitzgerald

    Shoshana Futo

    Cole Gann

    Kate Gardner

    Walker Gardner

    Trey Garner

    Braeden Goodbody

    Anneliece Gordon

    Georgia Gordon

    Annora Haber

    Ferris Hapworth

    Percy Jane Hardman

    Jocelyn Henderson

    Logan Henderson

    Dominique Herrera

    Brooks Hewitt

    Mary Higdon

    Gary Holbein

    Josie Kemper

    Kendall Kirchoff

    Jaxon Koehler

    Sara Katherine Lambeth

    Mady Latapie

    Olivia Leathers

    Ann Campbell Loyd

    Carson Luter

    Moxie McClay

    Emaleigh McKenzie

    Karidyn McKenzie

    Giuliana Miceli

    Jason McNeil

    Hannah Cate Miller

    Avalee Moree

    Helene Naff

    Ethan Olmstead

    Ethan O’Meara

    Cannon Painter

    Jean Pearson

    Piper Phillips

    Khloe Powell

    Madeline-Hart Preus

    Emma Grace Rains

    Micah Reed

    Owen Reineck

    Max Reiss

    Colin Richardson

    Sam Roach

    Quinn Roberts

    Anna Caroline Rodden

    Grace Sanford

    Christopher Sannes

    Jacob Sasser

    Brooklyn Scallions

    Marilee Segars

    Freeman Sherer

    Sadie Slay

    Sophia Sloan

    Mary Cooper Smith

    Anna Britten Stejskal

    Madeline Taylor

    Callie Tremer

    Aleena Trissl

    Sadie Turner

    Aubrey Warner

    Francis Watkins

    Lola Webb

    Alice Webster

    Sarah White

    Hayden Woodford

    Scarlett Zettl

    Letter After Induction

    Dear NJHS members and parents, 

         In order to ensure that the standards of the National Junior Honor Society are maintained, we have a policy of demerits.  A form for issuing demerits will be given to each teacher.  This form will consist of the teacher’s name, the student’s name, the date, and a brief description of the student’s infraction.  If a teacher sends a demerit form to the sponsors, this demerit will go home for a parent’s signature and then returned to the sponsors.  Upon receiving three demerits, the student is placed on probation.  The fourth demerit results in dismissal from NJHS.  The student will be informed of each demerit when it is issued, the demerit will be mailed home, and you will be asked to sign the form.  If the member chooses not to return the signed demerit to the sponsors, the demerit still counts. These are cumulative from the time of the teacher's vote.

         We believe that if a student has been selected to be a part of the National Junior Honor Society, then it is up to that student to live up to the standards which are placed before him/her.  This policy is designed so that these students will know exactly what is expected of them.  In addition to following all of the rules in the FMS Student Handbook, having a good attitude and exhibiting good classroom behavior are also a part of being a good National Junior Honor Society student.  We feel that this policy will help our NJHS be a better organization and its members better students.

         The academic requirements must be maintained at a 3.75 grade point average.  Failure to maintain this grade point average will result in the student being put on academic probation.  The student will have nine weeks to return to active status.  Grades are checked at the end of each quarter.

         The following infractions are offenses in which demerits will be issued:

    1. Any teacher may issue a demerit for misbehavior, disrespect, breaking of rules, lunch detention or break detention.

    2. If an NJHS member is placed in On Campus Suspension (OCS) or Saturday School, he/she will automatically receive two demerits.

    3. Three demerits will be issued for off-campus suspension and automatic probation.

    4. Any infraction involving the police will be an automatic dismissal.


    Ms. Early

    Mrs. Cogle

    Mrs. Jones

    My signature indicates I have read and understood the above letter.

    NJHS Member ______________________________________

    NJHS Parent ________________________________________