Fairhope Middle School has an active sports program with loyal Pirate fans! Students are encouraged to try-out for sports with the understanding that they are expected to maintain at least a "C" academic average to participate if they are selected for a team. Parents are encouraged to go to the Alabama High School Athletic Association website at www.ahsaa.com and select AHSAA and then Information to view the slide show, “What Every Parent Should Know about AHSAA Eligibility Rules.” This slide show addresses eligibility in middle school too.

    Documents required for participation in middle school sports include: a copy of a certified birth certificate, current physical exam form signed by a doctor (good for a calendar year), an Insurance Form (good for a school year), and upon selection for a team, a copy of the Concussion Information Form signed by the student athlete and parent. Students will also need to complete the required Stars Sportsmanship Program online. Below is a list of the sports offered at Fairhope Middle School, the season, and the tryout month. GO PIRATES!

     7th Grade Boys and Girls Basketball- Season runs from November through January; Tryouts in May

    8th Grade Boys and Girls Basketball- Season runs from November through January; Tryouts in May

    7th and 8th Grade Girls Volleyball- Season runs from August through early October; Tryouts in April

    Boys and Girls Soccer- Season runs from February through early April; Tryouts in December

    Boys and Girls Track- Season runs from March through April; Tryouts in March

    Archery (Combined 7th/8th Boys/Girls)- Season runs from January - April Tryouts in November (tentative)

    Cross Country- Season runs from August through October; Tryouts in August

    Football- Season runs from August through October; Tryouts in the Summer

    Cheerleading- Check with Cheerleader Sponsor for try-out information; Tryouts in March

    Fairhope Middle School students are allowed to try-out, and if chosen, to participate in the following sports at Fairhope High School: Swimming (Season-August), Softball (Season-January), Baseball (Season-January), Tennis, (Season-January), Golf (Season-January), Wrestling (Season-October) and Bowling (Season-October).  

    Students need to check with coaches for information regarding try-out dates, fees, requirements, and eligibility status.  

    Fairhope Middle School Coaches: Coach Chad Keith, Coach Jonathan Ivy, Coach John Hardman, Coach Donna Earnest, Coach Brittney Ellenburg, Coach Mia Ottesen, Coach Race Gentry, Coach Luke Stanton (FHS), Coach Ryder Baugh, Coach Jeffrey Cogle, and Coach Sally Outlaw (Cheerleading)

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