About Fairhope Middle School

  • School Description:

    Fairhope Middle School is one of many schools serving middle school students in Baldwin County. Construction of the new middle school facility located at the

    Front of Fairhope Middle School

     intersection of Manley Road and Pirate Drive was completed in time for the students and teachers to occupy the two-story building and adjacent gymnasium at the beginning of the 2008-2009 school year.

    Located in the town of Fairhope, Alabama, on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay, Fairhope Middle School serves early adolescents in an attendance area, which expands north to Daphne, west to Mobile Bay, south to the Barnwell area, and east to Fish River. Bound by Fish River and Mobile Bay, the area is geographically diverse. In the past, the region was primarily agricultural; however, over the past decade, an influx of new residents to the surrounding area has brought retirees, tourists and commuters, with a 2020 census population of 22,477. Many parents work in the Mobile area, which is about 19 miles from Fairhope and has a population of over 400,000.