See the BALDWIN COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION PARENT AND STUDENT HANDBOOK & STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT located on our school website for more information. www.bcbe.org/belforest.  Every child between the ages of 7 and 16 years of age is required by law to attend school. The Baldwin County Board of Education believes that students should be in attendance and on time for school.

    • Excused Absences: A written note from parents or guardians will excuse absences for up to, but not exceeding, nine (9) absences. After an absence, the parent/student has three (3) days to turn in an excuse to the teacher or office. Future absences beyond 9 days for illness will require a doctor’s note in order to be excused. The following absences shall be considered excused absences, provided that in each instance parental confirmation of the reason for the absence has been received: student illness; illness or death in the immediate family; inclement weather which would be dangerous to the life or health of the pupil if he/she attended school; legal quarantine oremergency condition as determined by the superintendent or principal; permission of the principal and consent of parent (i.e., absence to observe traditional religious holiday); Parents are required to explain in writing all absences. An excused absence permits work to be made up.
    • Unexcused Absences: A student may not exceed nine (9) unexcused absences per class per academic year. If a student misses more than half of a school day, a full absence will be accumulated.  A student and a student’s parent or guardian shall be given written notice when a student’s unexcused absences exceed two (2) days. The student can be retained if unexcused absences exceed nine (9) unexcused absences per year. If the maximum number of unexcused absences is exceeded, the student and parent/guardian may petition the Attendance Committee for review of the reasons for the absences. Petition for review by the Attendance Committee at the school can be filled-out at any time after notification, but in any event, no later than 20 calendar days before the final day of the academic year. The Attendance Committee shall review the student’s entire attendance record and documented excuses to determine whether to allow the student to pass.
    • Tardies: Students arriving after 7:50 a.m. must check in through the office and receive a late pass. Tardy students must be accompanied to the office by a parent/guardian for check-in. Parents should not be overly concerned with tardies in the opening weeks of school as traffic pattern schedules develop. On severe weather mornings, the principal will use discretion in determining if tardies will be taken.
    • Early Dismissal: Students who leave school for any reason must check out through the school office. Parents must send a written note of permission for any student to leave school for any reason except when sudden illness, accident or similar incident occurs. If a student checks out of school before 11:30 a.m. he/she will be considered absent for the day.  Photo ID is required for individuals checking out a student. Without written parental consent and verification, a child will not be released to anyone whose name is not on the student’s enrollment informaiton.
    • Check-ins:If a student checks in after 11:30 a.m. he/she will be considered absent for the day. 


    Parents are invited and encouraged to visit the school.  However, visits during classroom instructional time must be cleared with the principal or the principal’s designee.  Visitors must obtain a visitor’s pass from the office.  The pass is to be displayed prominently at all times while in the building or on school grounds.  If you are on school grounds without a visitor pass, you will be asked to report to the office immediately.  Unauthorized persons on school property are trespassers and will be subject to legal prosecution.  There are to be no deliveries of flowers, balloons, or food items to students during school time.  There are proper Belforest Elementary procedures in place that follow board policy for student birthdays or other special occasions.


    ALL visitors should enter the building through the front door located by the main office.  Visitors should press the call button to enter and present a picture identification.  Office staff will activate the door to allow visitors to enter.  A School Resource Officer (SRO) is assigned by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s department to Belforest Elementary School.  The SRO’s primary responsibility is to keep our students safe at all times.  The SRO keeps regular daily hours to assist students, parents, and the community.