We train and ask all of our teachers and staff to have professional communication at all times with the families we serve.  We ask that you have professional communication with us as well.  Please refrain from using profanity or belittling our faculty or staff in any form of communication.  You may contact teachers by calling the school, emailing, or using REMIND.  Some teachers also communicate routinely through BCBE applications, such as Google Meet.

    We ask that our teachers respond to parent email communications within 24 hours, excluding the weekend.  Teachers are also mothers, fathers, neighbors, and have personal family responsibilities as well.  Please try and limit contact with teachers during the evenings and on weekends or holidays with family.  They are trying to rejuvenate too to give their best during the school hours. Please do not personally text staff or use Remind repeatedly, particularly when staff are not working.  You may certainly always email your teacher any time.