The Baldwin County Schools offer a food service program meeting the requirements of the USDA Type A meal program; that is, a meal that provides one-third of the daily nutritional requirements for a student. 

    Please pay for meals using myschoolbucks.

    Meals are sold at the school in the following manner:  Students may pay cash by the day or pre-pay for a number of meals.  Any family qualifying for FREE or REDUCED meals will continue the same way as before by completing the online application.

    Costs of meals are:


    Students K-12:  
    Lunch- $3.00
      Breakfast -$2.00

    Reduced rate:

    Lunch- .40 Breakfast - .30

    BCBE employees:
    Lunch - $3.75  Breakfast - $2.25

    Adult/Children visitors:
    Lunch -$4.25
      Breakfast -$2.25

    State regulations prohibit Child Nutrition personnel from accepting “charges” for meals in the cafeteria.  

    Additional state regulations under The Child Nutrition Act of Alabama regulate “Healthy Kids Choices.” 

    The guidelines stipulate no soft drinks, candy, or excessive sugar and high fat products during school hours (7:40a.m. – 3:05p.m.)

    Please be sure to fill out the Free/Reduced breakfast and lunch application which is available July 1, 2023 on the BCBE website.