Home School: What do I need to do to home school my child?

  • If you plan to homeschool your child and your child is currently attending a Baldwin county school, as per the Code of Alabama, withdraw your student and indicate to the registrar your plan to home school. Parents are no longer required to notify the Superintendent, establish a private school, or submit attendance per the Alabama State Department of Education. Complete the Home School Enrollment Form, available below, and fax or email the completed form to the Department of Prevention and Support Services, within the first week of the new school year or when you withdraw your student to home school. If, at a later date, your child re-enters a Baldwin County school, your student will be required to take grade/subject assessments to determine grade placement. For more information, check out the Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, below.

Home School FAQs

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  • I graduated from a private/church school in Alabama. I need my transcripts. What do I do?

Home School Enrollment Form