Welcome to the Baldwin County Board of Education's Purchasing Department!

    Our department is a vital component in the operations of the school system.  It is our goal to assist and provide services to all departments and schools within the Baldwin County School District that includes requisitions and purchase orders, contracts, bids, request for proposals, and fixed assets.  We are striving to improve the quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness of business operations with our schools.

    Our department is comprised of: 

    Mr. John C. Wilson, Chief School Financial Officer - 251.937.0312

    Mr. Tom Waters, Business and Operations Manager - 251.580.1913

    Mr. Steve Rockwell, Fixed Asset Supervisor - 251.580.1607

    Ms. Marlana Hanner, Purchasing Specialist - 251.580.2513

    Ms. Kathy Skipper, Administrative Secretary - 251.937.0325