On-Campus Suspension

  • The policy of the Baldwin County Board of Education is to establish an on-campus suspension program designed to provide a structured disciplinary atmosphere in which a student is isolated or removed from regular classroom activities, but is not dismissed from the school setting.

    The OCS program is a disciplinary action and is intended to provide an alternative to off-campus suspension and to attempt to modify disruptive behavior by isolating the disruptive student from his/her classmates.

    Hence, the following guidelines and basic information should be noted in regards to the operation of the On-Campus Suspension (OCS) Program in the Baldwin County Public School System:

    1. Students will be assigned to OCS for a certain period of days.  It is recommended that a student not be assigned to OCS for more than ten (10) days per school year.  If the student continues to have discipline problems after having been in OCS for ten days, an alternative form of discipline should be considered to redirect unacceptable behavior (i.e., the Saturday School Program, suspension or expulsion, or other disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by the administrators.)

    2. Generally, the students' fourth off-campus suspension shall result in charges being levied against the custodial parent or guardian.  After repeated violations of school rules or other misconduct, a student may be expelled.  (Parental notification is given in the School Conduct Intervention Program pamphlet.)


    3. Days students attend in OCS will not be counted as an absence from class.  Students will be able to make-up any work missed during his/her stay in OCS.


    4. If a student is absent from school for part or all of a school day (and is assigned to OCS), he/she will be expected to make up the time originally assigned to OCS upon return to school.


    5. It is recommended that for those students assigned to OCS, their names be listed on the daily attendance sheet as being in OCS.  This will help to ensure that teachers' daily attendance records are accurate and complete.


    6. Students' assignment to OCS can be extended if work assignments are not completed accurately and neatly, or if students are disruptive or display inappropriate behavior while assigned to OCS.  However, the student will not be allowed to attend any breaks given on the school campus.


    7. Students assigned to OCS will have their lunch at a time separate from the other lunch waves on the school campus.  This is done in an effort to prevent students from being able to associate with other students.  Students will not be allowed to attend any breaks given on the school campus.


    8. Students assigned to OCS will be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities during the time of their stay in OCS (Revised 7/22/2000)


    9. Students assigned to OCS will not be allowed to attend any assemblies, pep rallies, or other special programs that are held on the school campus during the school day.


    10. Parents of students assigned to OCS will be notified - preferably by either the principal, assistant principal, or administrative intern.


    11. If necessary, an administrator/parent conference should be arranged to discuss the following issues:  the students' behavior problems which have been noted and the need to enlist the support of the parents in establishing procedures at home which will impact positively on the students' behavior.


    12. Each day that a teacher has a student assigned to OCS, he/she is expected to go over to the OCS classroom during his planning period.  While there, the teacher should ask the students the following two questions: 
              a. "Are you having any problems understanding the assignment?" 
              b. "Do you need any help completing the assignment?"


    13. After visiting with the students assigned to OCS, teachers are asked to sign in each day with the respective OCS teacher.


    14. Teachers are asked to review the attendance sheet each day, which should list those students who have been assigned to OCS.  This is the list that should be used as the guide to determine if there is a student with whom you should visit during your planning period.


    15. Teachers may send test for the students to take during their time in OCS, or the teachers may opt to allow the students to make-up the test(s) missed upon their return to the classroom.


    16. All restroom breaks will be regimented and supervised by the OCS personnel.

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