Congratulations to the following 8th grade volleyball team members. 
    Information will be sent out on Friday for the upcoming season. 
    Kellah Anderson
    Brooke Belamino
    Lorelai Milar
    Katelyn Tant
    Allie Carson Campbell
    Delaney Duncan
    Alexa Nance
    Mckinley Sevcik
    Addyson Jones
    Maggie Pollock
    Bella Zumsteg
    Maddie Grace Nelson
    Anna Swaboda
    Congratulations to the following girls for making the 7th grade volleyball team. 
    Raquel Hudson
    Mary Tanner Mckeithan
    Morgan McEvoy
    Reese Barr
    Norah Wine
    Cates Croley
    Katherine Davis
    Collins Livings
    MaryAnna Woodson
    Lyla Littleton
    Eley Dudley
    Schedules and information will be sent out to the parents after 8th grade tryouts next week.