• The Technology Student Association is a national student organization created to develop skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics as well as business education. TSA aims to develop leadership, academic, and business management skills in the workplace among students and leaders within the community. For more information about what TSA is, please click here for the National website or here for the Alabama state site.


    COVID-19 & the 2020-2021 School Year: Due to COVID-19 we have not received anything yet as far as competition information from the state level. However, at the national level they have put out some virtual events. I believe the state will follow and we will most likely have a virtual State Competition. As for the county level, I spoke to our District Sponser and we will not be having a County Competition this year. This club is extremely hands-on, as a result of the many restrictions that have been put on us, I am limiting the membership of TSA this year to those who decided to join the class. I know this eliminates any 6th graders and a couple 7th graders, but it is impossible for us to have in-person meetings where students have a space to work on competitions as well as get help/inspiration from fellow students. 


    Please review the brochure and parent letter below!

    Student & Parent Letter

    SFMS TSA Brochure

     TSA AL State Middle School Competitions

    Virtual Competitions put out by TSA National

     If you have a question, please contact our sponsor, Ms. Samry (asamrybcbe.org).