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Previous Shout Outs

  • Mrs Bradshaw has come in being a great role model for all of the students at SFMS but especially for the young ladies! She is a perfect role model. The pre-teen/teenage girls need someone who they can trust and have confidence in as a role model and she has come in with that ability. I thank her for all of her help and appreciate my daughter has the bond and ability to not only have a great teacher but a confident and friend! 

    Cain Harbin, I am so glad Cain has joined our staff! He has so many new ideas and exciting techniques to add into our class room. I am thankful for him and all his resources!!

    Mrs. Theodore, Thank you for restoring my child's confidence in math. He was rocking out some distributive property and "dabbing" every time he got one right!

    Mrs. Utsey is the best art teacher ever!!! She has shown me that there are different types of art and different styles!!! I would not be where I am now without her!!! From: Julianne Kiesel

    Ms.Nelson is the best teacher ever she lets us cook great food.She makes sure we get our work done and she lets us eat the food.We get to sit with whoever we want. She makes school very fun. -Ryleigh Stanford

    To our new Band Director...Ms. Natalie Hughes, my kids were going to be tough to win over this year, but you are doing an amazing job! They are excited about their music and you are amongst their favorite teachers this year. Thank you for sharing the LOVE of music with them!

    Mrs Hunt, History can be boring at some times, but you made it so fun! You are one of the best teachers at the school!

    Mrs Huggins, You are the sweetest teacher I have ever had! You made me love English as much as you do! Thank you for an awesome 6th grade year!

    Mrs. Cooper & Ms. Grant, thank you for wanting to make our Teacher Break Room an AWESOME place! We all love what changes you are making. Both of you are greatly appreciated!!

    Mrs.Sorrel understands her students very well and IS AN AMAZING MATH TEACHER. She loves her job and cares about everybody. She does everything she can to make us happy when we are having a bad day. We love her to the moon and back! - Annalie Persinger and Alana Rankin

    Thanks Mrs. Milstead for being the best teacher ever! From Madeline

    Mr. Green is a GREAT bus driver. He always says hello to everyone getting on and off the bus. He also tells them to have a good day and is so nice. We appreciate the time he makes to take us home and pick us up!!! From: Julianne Kiesel

    Ms. Carter is a really good teacher, she is really nice, and fun.

    Ms. Asbill is a nice, fun, and helpful teacher. Her class is amazing!

    Mrs. Walsh is a tremendous asset as our Media Specialist. She goes above and beyond to make our school better. Her innovative ideas are helping in setting SFMS apart from all other schools. She’s always willing to help others, and shows how she has a “Commitment to Excellence”.

    Shout out to Ms Asbill. The pep rally was amazing as usual. The themed costumes were great, and the girls did so well. Hard to imagine how hard it is to be the best science teacher in BC and be the best cheer coach as well. As a parent, I am so pleased my daughter had her last year and cheers for her this year.

    Mrs. Sorrell is such an amazing math teacher!!! i'm not the best at math and now I understand it thanks to her. She is also great to talk to if you have a social problem too!!

    Mrs. Sorrell is an amazing math teacher! she is the most caring and generous teacher I have had at SFMS. I cannot thank her enough for all the hard work she puts in to help us become successful students!! I love her soooo much!!!

    Mrs.Stewart is nice and patient with my class.

    I love Mrs.Cooper! From: Byron porter

    Mrs. Hunt is the best teacher!!!!! I look forward to her class everyday!! :) You make Social Studies really fun!!!! From, Katie Smith

    Mrs. Hankins teaches great lessons and stuff you will need to know in life.

    Mr. Snell always works so hard to ensure our days run smoothly and go off without a hitch. Thank you for always taking such great care of our teachers, students, and technology!

    Mrs. Richardson is always so creative and encouraging. Having her as our curriculum leader has certainly been a treat. Thank you Mrs. Richardson for bringing the "fonts" to the Fort!

    Mrs. Price is an amazing science teacher and I love when the bell rings for me to head to your class.

    I just wanted to say thank you to all our maintenance technicians who keep our school clean. Thanks so much for doing all that you have! Love, Shu ;)

    Mr Harbin, I think you are fun and you make work fun which is something a lot of teachers can not do. Thank you for all you do. - Joel

    I used to not really like science but now I love it because of Mrs. Cooper

    Ms.Grant is such an amazing person. She is never sad and always brings cheer to her classroom.

    Mrs. Barnes is amazing! From: James Kennedy

    I like the projects that we do in Mr. Yohn's class because they are fun and educational.

    Mrs. Sorrell is an amazing inspiring teacher!

    I love Ms. Hudson because she is always helping other people out.

    I would like to shout out Coach Mo because she works very hard on what she does and is very dedicated to helping any kid.

    Mrs. Nagle, thanks for the great year. So far I love this school. 

    Mrs. Floyd and Mrs. Hunt, You are awesome and you make history fun. From Gretchyn Sheffeild

    Mrs. Behel, I haven't really been interested in English until you! I love how you explain everything well and keep me on track. I have learned so much in your class! - Kayleigh Thomas

    Mrs. Theodore makes math fun. 

    I'm giving a shout out to Mrs.Foyd because she works hard to educate us in a strict way but she is still nice and friendly. -Matilda Faamolemole

    Mr. Yohn, you are an amazing teacher! You made world history / geography really fun for me and many other students respectfully with the way you teach. Thank you for making learning fun! ❤ - Tyler Saxon

    Mrs. Huggins is kind, funny and a GREAT teacher. -Madeline Ditmore

    Ms. Hughes is an awesome teacher and band is super fun.

    Coach Blake, You're doing a great job coaching us I know we're difficult but you're doing amazing! -Laci Hall

    Doc is the best resource officer ever! -Ryleigh Perkins

    Mrs. Duke makes math fun and explains everything thoroughly.

    Coach Dykema is always supportive, shows kindness, and keeps us safe on the bus.