Peer Helpers

  • Mission Statement

    Peer Helpers prepares students with counseling skills and referral techniques to provide a variety of support services for our student body. Students learn and practice a set of core skills that empower them to assist fellow students with the emotional, social, behavioral, and educational challenges they face in day-to-day life. Peer Helpers gain life skills, including communication basics, problem-coping techniques, stress management, decision-making strategies, public health issues, and basic concepts of human behavior as they relate to peer tutoring, mentoring, and conflict resolution.


    • Heather Price (
    • Sarah Siddiqi (

2023-24 Peer Helpers

  • Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Peer Helpers: Our first meeting is Tuesday, August 29th, at 7:15 in Mrs. Price's room (20).

    8th Graders 

    Blake Barrow
    Mary Michael Blackmon
    Olivia Downey
    Ava Fancher
    Isla Greene
    Steven Harris
    Kayla Kraft
    Lucy Loftin
    Finley Morse
    Allie Nimmer
    Ansley Popple
    Alexandra Rodriguez
    Dylan Shirley
    Jaimalyn Smith
    Julianne Stockstill
    London Tucker
    Ania McPherson
    Myla Owens
    Audrey Kerr
    Harrison Jones
    Alya Hussain
    Kimberly Slayton

    7th Graders 

    Evie Karl
    Kipton Collins
    Aubrey Sykes
    Lorelei Mitchell
    Robert (Bo) Farmer
    Pierce Weatherford
    Cooper Chapman
    Tucker Tidmore
    Camile Walters
    Grayson Paris
    Dana Flores
    Evelynn Stokes
    Lily Vuong
    Addy Beasley
    Evan Shaner
    Kekoa Petersen
    I’onah Spencer Davis
    Reese McCormick
    Fisher Varner
    Delaney Duncan