• 2020-2021 Elective Class Descriptions

    **Class availability is subject to change**


    6th Grade Electives


    21st Century Skills

    The 21st Century Skills class is designed to integrate the Chromebook into the middle school setting.  Students will learn the basics of the computer, to type properly, how to organize files on the Chromebook, how to edit photos, basic coding skills, how to use research and writing skills, and use all of the abilities of keynote, pages, and numbers (only basics in numbers). 

    Creative Writing

    Looking for a structured and predictable way to learn how to write? Well, this class isn't for you. You will learn to write creatively and effectively, but it won't ever be dull. Write jungle tales, fairytales, and just plain ol' tall tales. You'll be detectives and poets before you know it. Come create and write an adventure in Creative Writing!

    Current Events

    Current Events incorporates Channel One to investigate and discuss events that are happening around the world. This course allows students to research and write about current events in order to have a more in depth understanding of both national and international news.  Students also use lessons and activities provided through Channel One to expand on and reinforce topics covered. The course helps students connect world events to everyday life and make past and present connections.

    Skills and Strategies

    This course is designed to explore with students how they can successfully live and work in a culturally diverse world.  It helps students recognize their interests, aptitudes, and abilities, and understand adult roles (includes frequent guest speakers from a variety of career fields, roles, and workplaces).  It also helps students broaden their aspirations beyond the stereotypes of gender, socioeconomic status, and ethnicity. This course integrates vocational and academic education to promote intellectual development and improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills through a variety of enjoyable activities. This is a great option to assist with students’ development of social skills, personal values, and self-esteem.