• 2019-2020 Elective Class Descriptions

    **Class availability is subject to change**

    7th Grade Electives


    Cultural Studies

    Cultural Studies is a one semester course that is a people-centered learning subject involving a comprehensive look at the world’s major cultures. The examination of each of these cultures can focus on history, geography, family life, community, religion, politics, economics, and arts. The study of each of the cultures will be enhanced by the development of reading, writing, research, critical thinking, and presentation skills. Students hear and they forget; see and remember, do and understand. This course will rely on hands-on, student-centered activities designed to have ourstudents experience elements of world cultures.


    This course will provide instruction on the basic elements of art. Students will explore how to create and produce arts products, relating and connecting them to historical, current and personal events. Students will also have an introduction to history of art.


    Creating, performing, responding and connecting are some of the skills students use to understand how drama communicates ideas and allows for self-expression. Students will study, write and/or perform scenes and monologues. Students will also be introduced to basic history of Drama.

    International Exploration

    In this course students will be taking an adventure through the entire world. Through guided research and exploration students will decide what countries they want to travel to, how to prepare to travel to those countries, and what they can do once they reach those countries. With their research, students will learn about cultures, customs, religions, politics, and other aspects of countries outside of the United States.

     Computer Skills

    Computer Essentials is a course that will enable students to master basic skills in the areas of word processing, database management, spreadsheet applications, multimedia presentations, and Internet research. Reading, mathematics, and communication skills are reinforced throughout this course.   Students will create spreadsheets with formulas and charts, design a website, and more.