•  Elective Class Descriptions

    **Class availability is subject to change**

    7th Grade Electives (Semester Electives)



    This course will provide instruction on the basic elements of art. Students will explore how to create and produce arts products, relating and connecting them to historical, current and personal events. Students will also have an introduction to history of art.


    Creating, performing, responding and connecting are some of the skills students use to understand how drama communicates ideas and allows for self-expression. Students will study, write and/or perform scenes and monologues. Students will also be introduced to basic history of Drama.

    Health education standards provide developmentally appropriate instruction that positively affects health-related knowledge, attitudes, skills, and behaviors. Students experience opportunities to work cooperatively to enhance their own health as well as the health of peers, family, and the community. Students learn to use the decision-making, goal-setting, advocacy, and communication skills important for enhancing relationships, reducing conflicts, expressing needs, and evaluating behavioral consequences. Standards focus on understanding health issues and personal responsibilities related to adolescent growth and development, promoting health-enhancing behaviors, and obtaining accurate information from a variety of sources. Health-literate students have opportunities to influence home, school, and community health.

    Music Appreciation

    Students will engage, through criteria set in collaboration with the teacher, in meaningful and purposeful music-making within the four Artistic Processes; creating music (improvising, composing, arranging); performing music (singing or with instruments); responding to music (listening to and analyzing); connecting music learning and experiences to the larger curriculum, other cultures and disciplines within and outside of the arts. In doing so, students will experience the following concepts of music: rhythm, melody, form, timbre, texture and harmony, style, and expression; taught by a certified music teacher.