• Elective Class Descriptions

    **Class availability is subject to change**


    8th Grade Electives

    Career Preparedness - A (High School Credit)

    The course prepares students with knowledge and skills in the areas of career development and academic planning and computer skill application. This course is a prerequisite to Career Preparedness-B. 

    Spanish I-Full Year Elective (High School Credit)

    This course is designed for true beginners to learn Spanish. Basic pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and culture are emphasized throughout the course. Cultural aspects that reflect characteristics of day-to-day living, family, and home life are taught in the target language through music, cartoons, games, mini-dramas, audio-visuals, and dialogues illustrating relevant situations.

    Library Aid (application process)

    Students in this class will become familiar with classification of books, card catalog, indexes, and various reference sources through assignment in the Library Manual. Their duties will include assistance in accessing and processing new books, shelving and mending books, filing periodicals, using a computerized cataloging system, and maintaining library records. These students will also assist other students and teachers with their needs.

    Office Aid (application process)

    Students in this class will become familiar with office policies and procedures.  Their duties will include front desk assistance with students and parents, answering in house calls, running errands for office personnel, delivering student belongs left by parents, organizing the compassion closet and lost and found, and perform all other duties deemed necessary by office staff.  Students should be able to follow directions, work independently, be respectful, hard-working, have great attendance, and minimal tardies.  A mandatory skill is confidentiality.

    Career Technology

    This course is part of the Department of Alabama Career and Technical Education, which prepares students for technical careers available today and the future careers in our region. We will study the effects of technology and explore different careers. Students will learn which careers match their interests and aptitude. They will also practice skills needed in the workforce: oral presentations, writing and summarizing, problem solving, teamwork, etc.


    This course will develop and improve public speaking, argumentative, and critical­ thinking skills in communication settings. Students will prepare and deliver speeches and participate in several of in­ class debates and forums on current topics. Techniques will be taught to control speech anxiety, and structure and organize information to present to a variety of audiences. As such, the fundamentals of physical and vocal delivery skills, use of language and gesturing, as well as listening skills will be learned. Please note that time requirements are given for each speech.

    Art II(application process)

    This course builds upon artistic skills introduced in 7th grade to create a foundation for future study in art. The elements and principles of art are fully introduced.

    Computer Science Discovery (Year Long Elective)

    Computer Science Discoveries is a full-year introductory computer science survey course for students in Grades 6-8. The course takes a wide lens on computer science by covering topics such as programming, physical computing, HTML/CSS, and data. Students are empowered to create authentic artifacts and engage with CS as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun.

    We Build It Better

    The We Build It Better program lays a foundation for students to understand the process of developing a new product and equipping them with the skills to design and create an innovative solution to a real-world industry-based challenge. Is the program engineering, manufacturing, computer science? It is ALL of that and more! We Build It Better is an all-inclusive 18-week, industry-designed educator-developed, curricular experience that engages middle school students in a work-like STEAM environment.