• The Baldwin County Public School System has completed water testing for lead at all 45 of its schools and final results from the laboratory show no detectable lead was found. 

    “We are so grateful that eleven water authorities in Baldwin County – certified water operators – have completed water sampling for lead in all 45 of our Baldwin County Public Schools and we are extremely pleased to say that the testing laboratory’s final report shows there were no detectible levels of lead found,” said Eddie Tyler, Superintendent.

    “This is great news and one less thing Baldwin County and Baldwin County Public Schools have to worry about” said Jason Padgett, General Manager and CEO of the North Baldwin Utilities, who also heads the Baldwin County Water Distributors Group.

    “We were glad to be able to offer our expertise to the school system and we’re glad to know that we have the peace of mind about the water in our schools,” Padgett said.   water testing

    The eleven utilities sampled the water at schools over two weekends in September following the guidelines provided by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) and the Alabama State Department of Education. The initiative is a voluntary testing program that doesn’t officially start until 2019. Baldwin County Public Schools made water testing a priority and tested all schools, not just a cross-section.

    “This is what a true education partnership looks like,” said Eddie Tyler, Superintendent.

    “Our water utilities are certified to do water sampling and they regularly handle the water sampling process. For our community water systems to step forward and offer to sample, not just some, but all our schools, is just outstanding. The partnership is greatly appreciated and I hope parents, especially, will thank their water utilities for the work they’ve done,” Tyler said.

    The only elevated lead levels detected came from an out-of-service water fountain at Summerdale School. Even though the fountain had been out of service for a long time, the school system had it tested. There was an elevated lead level detected on the one fountain but on a re-sample and test, there was no detectable levels found. As an added measure, the wing where the fountain is located was re-sampled and no detectable levels were found.

    In all, more than 329 water samples were taken; the laboratory work cost $9,850. Testing was done by PACE Analytical Services, LLC, an ADEM-certified laboratory in Mobile, the company is formerly known as EnvironChem.

    The water authorities that collected the water samples include:

    –  Riviera Utilities
    –  North Baldwin Utilities
    –  East Central Baldwin Water Authority (ECBC)
    –  Orange Beach
    –  Fairhope Utilities
    –  Daphne Utilities
    –  Robertsdale Utilities
    –  City of Loxley
    –  Belforest Water Authority
    –  Spanish Fort Water System

    Superintendent Tyler commented, “As we enter into this season of Thanksgiving, I am thankful for subject matter experts like our local water authorities donating their time and talents to help us have a safe, enjoyable school day, and I do hope our parents thank their water professionals when they see them out and about. I’m grateful we live and serve where we do, and this is the reason I say we’re Community Strong and Baldwin Proud!”