BCBE Board Meeting Videos

  • Current videos of BCBE board meetings are available at this link https://view.streamvued.com/v2api/tab/baldwin/publicPage  Board meetings are not available live but will be posted the next business day. 

    Baldwin County Board of Education board meetings from 2020 until May 19, 2022, are available on YouTube by clicking here to view the meetings.

BCBE Meeting Agendas and Minutes: Current and Archives

  • simbli The Baldwin County Board of Education uses SIMPLI to display board meeting agendas and minutes. Board meeting minutes are published after they are approved by the board at the board's next meeting. Click here to link to SIMBLI
    If you need a copy of an agenda or minutes not posted here, please contact us news@bcbe.org. Previous year's board minutes may not be accessible in download formats for all accessibility needs.