• board in session

    Affirming that the Golden Rule is a good basis for ethical decisions, the members of the Baldwin County Board of Education hereby determine to treat our constituents, school district employees, and each other as we would want to be treated. 

    In accordance with applicable laws, rules, regulations, court orders and policies of the Baldwin County Board of Education, we will perform our responsibilities to the public as we would want our own elected representatives to perform their responsibilities to us.

Board Member Code of Ethics

    • Each member understands that upon moving from their respective districts that their seat becomes vacant immediately. Upon the happening of such a vacancy the Board will notify the proper authorities at once to begin the replacement procedure.
    • Each member recognizes and will adhere to the tenet that authority rests only with the Board assembled in a meeting and that Board members outside of regularly constituted meetings shall have no authority to make decisions, to commit the Board to actions, or to supervise or direct school activities.
    • Each member understands that when representing the board at conferences they will attend meetings and workshops and perform all duties conscientiously.
    • Members will avoid and disclose all conflicts of interest or potential conflicts of interest and will adhere to the Ethics Laws of the State of Alabama.
    • Members will take no private action that will compromise the school system, the board, or the administration.
    • Members will not use, nor expect to use, school district resources for their own personal interest or their special community interest in a way not available to the general public.
    • Members will observe the letter and spirit of the open meetings law.
    • When representing other community groups, Members will disqualify themselves from acting on issues that are inconsistent with any position taken by the Board or that are inconsistent with established Board policy or procedure.
    • We will relate to the superintendent and all school system employees as we would want them to relate to us.
    • Members will not undermine the authority of the superintendent nor intrude into the spheres of responsibilities that properly belong to the school administration - such as hiring, transferring, or dismissing employees.
    • Members will not lead people to think that they can get them a job or influence their employment.
    • Members will avoid committing to constituents that they will solve their problem.
    • Members understand that they do not have the right to access student records or employee personnel files.
    • Members will seek to keep the superintendent informed of concerns or specific recommendations that any board member may bring to the board.
    • Members will be courteous with all district employees and respectful of their time.
    • Members will not target school system employee or vendors when seeking campaign support. 
    • We will relate to fellow board members as we want fellow board members to relate to us.
    • Members will speak to each other respectfully.
    • Members will avoid making statements that are racially divisive.
    • Members will speak truthfully and will respect confidentiality.
    • Members will keep all information discussed in executive sessions confidential.
    • Members will notify a fellow board member in advance if planning to hold a meeting in a school in the other board member’s district.
    • Members will avoid surprising board members at the board table with items, issues, information, or motions not expected nor on the agenda.