ACT with CERT information

  • Dear Parents of current BCBE high school students,

    Starting in the 2019-2020 school year, all high schools in the Baldwin County Public School System began utilizing an online program called The College Equipped Readiness Tool (CERT) to help students prepare for the ACT. The CERT tool offers students ACT-like assessments designed to maximize career and college opportunities. All CERT tests are aligned with Career and College Readiness Standards and match the format of the ACT exam. Upon completion of practice tests in the four ACT-tested subject areas of English, reading, math, and science, students and teachers receive detailed assessment reports about individual student performance. In addition to the practice assessment and reports, CERT provides remedial instruction to students based on their assessment performance through instructional video lessons. The Online Exam Room and Study Hall feature individual student performance feedback and video answer explanations for every test question.

    If a student did not get an opportunity to complete the spring practice assessment at school, it is not too late. They simply need to log in to their CERT account from home. From there, they can complete the spring practice assessment at home. Once complete, the previously mentioned online remedial tools will be activated for the student to review. CERT will remain available for all current 9-12 students through at least June 30th.

    We are very excited about this effective ACT preparation tool. We ask all parents to encourage their children to fully utilize it over the summer. You can find more information about this tool and how to access it by visiting the BCBE Website/Facebook page. Thanks for your continued support of Baldwin County Public Schools.


    Thomas Hartner, Secondary Curriculum Coordinator