Unlicensed Seizure Medication Assistants

  • Public K-12 schools, Seizure Safe Schools Act, HB 76 (208658-4) 2021

    Each local board of education shall provide annually a list of the school employees trained to administer seizure disorder medications to each parent or guardian of a student with a seizure disorder, each student, and all other employees of the local board of education. The local board of education shall thereafter publish and maintain a list on the local board of education's website. The following individuals are trained as Unlicensed Seizure Medication Assistants (USMAs) with Baldwin County Public Schools: 

    USMA Last USMA First
    Arcement Beth
    Chambless Breanna
    Davis Calley
    Earnest Ashley
    Edwards Shawnessy
    Fetner Joseph
    Fields Diane
    Hartley Jesica
    Hubbard Lenora
    Jasso Teresa
    Lane Tonya
    Littlejohn Wendy
    Lundy Terry
    Markujl Dana
    Miller Savannah
    Monk  Ben
    Mosley Tina
    Nelson Vickie
    Parker Charlotte
    Toledo Jasmin
    Vinson Lacey
    Wallace Kelly
    Weaver Claudia
    Williams Linda