Letter from Mr. Tyler to Elementary Parents

  • Parents,
    We would like to introduce you to a program we’ve had here in the county for a while, but felt our parents needed a refresher on. The “OneVoice” program is something we have in all of our schools. Students and parents can use it. You can use it via text or online to anonymously report acts of bullying, aggression, violence, drugs or other abusive or illegal concerns. If using the program by text, you must use the school’s code. You can find a list of those codes here http://www.bcbe.org/onevoice. If using the website, you can select the school to which you want the complaint to go. Once submitted, the complaint goes to all administration at that school who will in turn take the proper action.
    I have spoken many times about my zero tolerance for bullying in our schools. The challenge is finding the courage to report it. It's hard and I understand. I was once a child myself. Students often fear that reporting a bully will lead to more and bigger confrontations. Some of our schools have done a good job with anonymous reporting opportunities but we hope we have a system-wide solution with OneVoice.
    Here’s more on how to use the "OneVoice" program and reporting portal https://vimeo.com/bcbe/onevoiceelem. You will also find a link to the “OneVoice” program on each of our school’s website home pages and on the county website.
    We hope you will utilize this program. When we partner together, we can tackle these issues one report at a time and continue to keep our schools and students safe. So many of you are skilled at sharing information on social media and I hope you will help me share this message throughout our communities. This is very important to me and our school children and I want to thank you in advance for considering it. 
    We appreciate your time and support.
    For more on the OneVoice program, visit http://www.bcbe.org/onevoice.
    Eddie Tyler,
    #BaldwinProud #Community Strong

BCBE OneVoice Elementary Video