DHS Counseling Department
    Maddison Dombrowski - 12th Grade - mdombrowski@bcbe.org 
    Chesley Darby - 11 Grade  - CDarby@bcbe.org
    Margaret Sharp - 10th Grade - msharp@bcbe.org
    Zack McCraw  - 9th Grade - zmccraw@bcbe.org@bcbe.org
    Morrell Baxter – College & Career Coach - mbaxter@bcbe.org
    Mission Statement

    The mission of Daphne High School’s Counseling and Guidance Department is to provide programs and services for students’ academic and social growth, community involvement, and college and career readiness.


    As school counselors, we believe that our ultimate duty is to advocate for our students above all else. We also offer our parents and faculty support to aid in the success of our students and school. The counseling and guidance for Daphne High School addresses three main areas: personal/social, academic, and career.
    We believe that all students deserve passionate and respectful counselors. It is our job to work diligently with all students to assist them in planning for the future, making decisions, and determining the best course that will help them to grow and develop. We believe that it is our job to work with students to enhance their achievement in order to become successful, productive citizens.
    PreACT (Oct. 15- Sophomores)
    ALL sophomores need to report directly to Trojan Hall on October 15th for PreACT testing. 
    Students need to bring photo ID if they have one and a wooden #2 pencil.  Mechanical  pencils are NOT allowed. 
    Cell phones are NOT allowed in the testing room.  Students might want to bring light snack for break.
    Important Secure Test Policy Announcement
    Student Policy
    The possession of a digital device (including but not limited to cell phones, smart watches, MP3 players, cameras, or other telecommunication devices capable of capturing or relaying information) is strictly prohibited during the administration of a secure test. If a student is observed in possession of a digital device during the administration of a secure test then the device will be confiscated.
    If a student is observed using a digital device during the administration of a secure test, testing for the student will cease, the device will be confiscated and is subject to search, the student will be dismissed from testing, and the student’s test will be invalidated.
    LEA personnel will make all students, parents and/or guardians aware of this prohibition through inclusion of this policy in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook and other regularly used modes of communication.