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    Dear Parents and Students,

    You are invited to attend the Daphne High School Career Fair at Trojan Hall on Wednesday, January 29th 2020.

    Our goal is to provide Daphne High School Juniors and Senior Students with information to assist them in making plans for their future careers as they approach graduation. Business and Industry representatives will be providing our students with information which will include:

    • Job Descriptions
    • Industry Exploration
    • Job Opportunities within Region 7
    • Job Application Process
    • Career Choices
    • Employment Requirements
    • Business Networking

    There is no charge or expense to attend the career fair.

    The students will be given a time pass to attend the fair during school hours. You may attend the fair with your student at their designated time

    Please reach out to Morrell Baxter (mbaxter@bcbe.org), Mary Helms, mdhelms@bcbe.org, or Priscilla Dabney pdabney@bcbe.org with questions or concerns.



    Mary Donna Helms, Priscilla Dabney, and Morrell Baxter