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    Diversity Club

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    Daphne Diversity Club

    Sponsor: Stratas




    Our mission is to bring cultural awareness, appreciation, and inclusivity to our Daphne High student body. We want to include every student, regardless of age, culture, or ethnicity. We want to create a safe, caring, and inclusive learning environment for all students.




    The Daphne Diversity Club is a club for everyone to feel as if they have a voice. The DDC is created to promote excellence, inclusivity, and generate a fun, safe environment for students to discuss cultural issues within our community and school. We would like to hear concerns of our fellow students and generate solutions that will create a positive school community. We want to foster an environment of acceptance in our school. We hope to lead by example and encourage students to strive to be their best. Some of our topics will include: self-actualization, cultural recognition, mental health, and having pride in one’s identity and our community.




    Members will meet on a monthly basis, unless additional meetings are requested



    Meetings will be held in Room 141 under the supervision of school sponsor