• Welcome to Daphne High School
    Library and Media Center
    LIBRARIANS: M. Crawford & E. Marler 
    The DHS Library's entire collection is accessible from school as well as from home!  Links are provided below along with links to the Daphne Public Library and the Alabama Virtual Library. 
    Alabama Virtual Library:   
    Daphne Public Library:  
    DHS Library at school: 
                     DHS Library from home:   


     Students have access to the printer and copier in the library. 

    • Students must share or email their document(s) to BOTH librarians simultaneously.
    • Students should share their document(s) BEFORE leaving the classroom. Documents can also be sent from off campus locations such as home. 
    • Students should get in the habit of sending their projects from wherever they are when completed to help expedite the printing process.
    • Students should bring Chromebooks when they come to retrieve their print jobs in case of failures or editing needs arise.
    • WEBSITES and PICTURES must be copied and pasted into a document before sending.
    • 10¢ a page for black & white printing or copying.
    • $ .25 - $1.00 a page for color printing.
    • Color copying is not available.

     Documents must be either emailed or shared using the following guidelines:

         Via Google Drive to: mcrawford@ibaldwin.org AND emarler@ibaldwin.org

         Via email to:  mcrawford@bcbe.org AND emarler@bcbe.org

    Students may check out up to three books. Our check out time is 14 school days. Over dues start after that at the rate of 10¢ per school day.  Charges for lost books are based on the cost of replacement.
    Please remember...NO FOOD OR DRINK in the library.