Hello IB Parents,

    IB works with universities to help students gain credit for college classes based on their IB test scores. These tests are taken in May of the student's senior year and the results are available in July. The results are then sent to the student's university of choice directly from the IB. Students are usually accepted and some have even begun classes before these results are received. Once they are received, the university can then award credit based on the scores and what the student is majoring in. Most universities do not want a student to skip courses that are pertinent to the student's major. For example, a pre-med student would not want to skip any biology or science classes.

    The link below will take you to the IBO website and to the page that has a drop down menu for colleges and universities in the United States. The first drop down button on the page is a list of all of the high school in the United States and the second button is the one for the universities. Once you select the university you are interested in then you can see a brief description of how the university awards credit for IB scores. 
    The link is http://www.ibo.org/country/US/index.cfm

    In conclusion, the IB Program is a rigorous academic program that will prepare your child for the rigors and demands of university courses. The credit that can be earned is a great addition to that but the real reason that a student should complete the IB Diploma Program is for the study skills, time management skills, and work habits that this program instills in it's graduates. 

    Please let us know if anyone has any questions or concerns.

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    Mr. Shay White
    Mrs. Deborah Few
    10 Reasons the IB Diploma Programme is ideal preparation for university article IB World Magazine, May 2012

    IB began in 1968 in Europe and is no
    w considered the “Gold Standard” of Education across the world.  IB made it’s way into North America in 1979 and is now in over 141 Countries with over 1,000,000 students.  Daphne High School became an authorized IB Diploma school in December of 2007 and awarded its first IB Diplomas in July 2010. 
    International Baccalaureate (IB) is an optional two-year program of rigorous learning during a student's junior and senior years.  Students study in six academic areas: Language; Second Language; Mathematics; Science; Individuals and Society; and the Arts.  Students take examinations at the end of their senior year.  Based on their scores, students may receive an IB diploma.  The IB Diploma is internationally recognized by prestigious universities for excellence in college preparation.  IB diploma graduates often begin their college careers as second year students.  
    IB Mission Statement   

    The International Baccalaureate Organization aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end the IBO works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programs of international education and rigorous assessment. These programs encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right. 

    IB Learner Profile

    The aim of all IB programmes is to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better, more peaceful world.  IB learners strive to be:
    • Inquirers                                                       
    • Knowledgeable
    • Thinkers
    • Communicators
    • Principled
    • Open-minded
    • Caring
    • Risk-takers
    • Balanced
    • Reflective

    General Information