• Help your IB student get noticed by the college of their choice


    We are excited to announce the launch of the IB Student Registry, a free service available exclusively to IB students to showcase their individual profiles and achievements to colleges and universities around the world.

    Encourage your IB student to take advantage of this new platform. Colleges are actively seeking IB graduates. No other tool offers college admissions officers this level of interactivity and outreach to IB students.

    The IB Student Registry will benefit your IB student. Students will be able to:

    ·         Express their interest to universities they plan to apply to

    ·         Browse IB credit and award policies

    ·         Communicate directly with admissions officers

    ·         Present a  portfolio of work including CAS projects and Extended Essay

    Logon to registry.ibo.org and begin today.

    The registry is open to students taking Diploma courses and Career-related Programmes, as well as Middle Years Programme year 5 students. Download and print a suite of promotional materials here.

    Yours sincerely
    IB Recognition